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We introduce a highly efficient Blockchain architecture that incorporates State-of-the Art IT design principles and technologies to bring Blockchain up to a commercial standard. We envision it creates a "Linux eco-system" for Blockchain. We focus on defining and providing the most basic, essential and time-consuming to develop components of the system and on making significant improvements for existing Chains in the market. The system allows developers to customize Chains to meet their own needs, particularly commercial requirements for various industries. It will contain the following main features:


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Did you know how to design a standard consensus interface in a blockchain system?🧑‍💻👩‍💻

We challenge you to find the answer from this article!
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Comparison of Cross-Chain Solutions - aelf 🆚Polkadot

Cross-Chain Solutions Comparison

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The Remote Economy is Now Thriving — See How Blockchain is Leading The Way
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