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ICO NameAkash
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The Cloud has a problem.
Up to 85% of the world’s compute capacity sits unused in datacenters all over the globe while hyperscale cloud compute providers enjoy bloated margins born of lack of competition.

Akash is the solution.
Akash corrects this imbalance by providing an open marketplace connecting companies with idle compute capacity to users who need it. Akash also provides the tools needed to configure, deploy, monitor, and manage containerized workloads.

Founder & CEO
Founder & CTO
Software Engineer

What is the value proposition of @AkashCloudNet? Our CEO @GregOsuri was recently featured on the BloxNexus podcast and shared his thoughts and vision.

Super excited to share my first interview of 2019 where we discuss why a permission-less internet infrastructure is critical for enabling future internet innovation and exciting road ahead for @AkashCloudNet! Check it out! https://t.co/fhDLP0Pskm

One of my greatest sources of gratification with my job is building products that I use every day -- all our websites have been successfully running on @AkashCloudNet Testnet for a while w/o a glitch -- Mainnet launch is looking great for Q1 2019!

Onwards and upwards!

Viewing Kubernetes logs is getting to be increasingly painful considering the rate at which new resources types are being introduced.

Check out this fantastic tool written by our CTO @abozanich that solves this!

Alex Ellis@alexellisuk

kail: Kubernetes log tailer with a nice UX for matching different namespaces/resources (written in Go) via @garethr https://t.co/gOSuypbiNW #Kubernetes #devops

Lately, I've been advocating "smart contracts" being a form of "serverless" applications at mainstream infrastructure (non-crypto) conferences

Here's a panel I spoke at first Kong Summit along with infrastructure leaders from Kong, Uber, Confluent, Zeit.


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