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ICO StartDezember 01, 2018
ICO EndeJanuar 31, 2019
2 Wochen zuvor
Zeige alles is a company that aims to reshape the landscape of e-commerce the same way the last generation of companies did. We believe that there are new business models, new ways of distribution, more effective methods of leveraging purchasing power, and efficiencies in logistics and backoffice operations that can help power the next wave of e-commerce. E-commerce, in its current form, involves many moving parts including
storefront creation, backoffice operations, purchasing, fulfillment, distribution and more. This begs the question—is there a more vertically integrated, efficient solution that improve the economics of e-commerce. The answer is a vociferous—YES.

Chief Strategy Officer - Cornell, Former Deloitte

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Releases ICO Guide: Is it a Little Too Late?
#buyingcom #ico #sec promises two-hour deliveries for over 50,000 products by using blockchain technology, but will it be enough to contend with Bezos’ goliath? Find out now!
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Find out how the ICO model has become a bridge for a biased financial system, ushering in a new and fair method of raising capital w/o discrimination.
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The ICO market may have slowed down, but it's actually good for the industry as a whole. Find out why now.
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ICO investors have to be more careful than ever doing due diligence before supporting a project. Find out why that's the case & how is able to establish trust for new investors.
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Preis1 BUY = 0.07 USD Verkauf500,000,000 ZahlungsartETH,BTC
MinimumN/A Verteilung50% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap50,500,000 USD