Carmel ICO Bewertung & Einschätzung

Carmel ICO Bewertung mit ausführlichen Informationen zu dem ICO Zeitraum, dem ICO Preis, akzeptierten Währungen, Soft & Hard Cap, CARMEL Whitepaper, Carmel Team und mehr.

Einzelheiten zum ICO

ICO NameCarmel
ICO StartOktober 22, 2018
ICO EndeDezember 31, 2018
3 Monate zuvor

Chris is a 40 year old father who has the type of job that can be easily replaced by robots.

What keeps Chris up at night is the thought that soon, he might lose his job and not be able to provide for his family.

CEO & Co-founder
Product Manager & Co-founder
Product Developer & Co-founder

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New listing for Carmel Token.

Our friends from @EOSDAQ_DEX will add trading support for our token on April 4th, 3:00 pm.

Fun times to live in 😁

Hello world!

It's our great pleasure to announce that Carmel Tokens will start trading Tomorrow, April 1st, on @dexeosio .

More exchanges and mobile wallet support will be added soon.

Happy Sunday! 😀

From @CarmelPlatform The Founder @idancali talks about how automation is taking jobs and our economy will change forever. Retooling our professional careers will be a matter of survival. Carmel helps. Clip from Dappathon #EOS

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Preis1 CARMEL = 1.00 USD Verkauf42,000,000 ZahlungsartETH
MinimumN/A Verteilung60% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap8,000,000 USD Hard Cap30,000,000 USD