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Einzelheiten zum ICO

ICO StartAugust 08, 2018
ICO EndeNovember 11, 2018
LandBritish Virgin Islands
1 Monate zuvor

What is contractium

Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CTO
Co-founder & Chief Products Officer

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Business agreements can be tricky when either of the parties may seem off and may fail to uphold their ends of the bargain. Contractium Network helps you avoid this by entering your agreements on the Blockchain such that irregularities are eliminated.

Join the Contractium Token Sale and be part of the Natmin Token Sale too owing bonuses from both projects by participating.
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The blockchain has been known to increase efficiency, reduce cost and maximize revenue. Integrating it into your businesses is one of the best things to happen to the global industries in this generation yet. Get involved at
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Tokenizing businesses seems to be an interesting thing at the moment with various businesses either into it or considering to join the new ride towards increase efficiency and reduced cost. Are you going to get involved? Join the train through #ctu #ico

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Preis1 ETH = 15,000 CTU Verkauf1,500,000,000 ZahlungsartETH
Minimum0.1 ETH Verteilung50% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD Hard Cap10,000,000 USD