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ICO NameDharma
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Dharma is a protocol that enables decentralized origination, underwriting, issuance, and administration of tokenized debt assets in a highly generic and unopinionated construction. The protocol aims to build a common informational interface by which exchanges, brokerages, and traders can reasonably price a tokenized debt's default risk without having to rely on a singular centralized data broker. The Dharma debt issuance scheme leverages two classes of utility players that compete in distinct marketplaces for compensatory fees -- underwriters and relayers. The former are trusted originators and assessors of debtor default risk, and the latter facilitate the funding and issuance of debts in a trustless manner. Both can be empirically evaluated on historical asset performance, and, as such, markets have lucid signals with which to evaluate the default risk of tokenized debts attested to by any given underwriter or relayer. The Dharma debt issuance process only requires one on-chain transaction to execute, and is heavily inspired by the mechanics of the 0x Protocol.

CEO & Founder
Head of Growth Operations
Senior Software Engineer

1/ Can't get over how sleek @DharmaProtocol's Lever is. We always talk about crypto needing better UI/UX and point out bad design.

Let's take a moment to highlight a job well done 👏👏👏

We're building slick, open and transparent financial infrastructure for the decentralized web. To make our vision a reality, we need talented and multidisciplinary product people like yourself! DM or Tweet to anyone at @DharmaProtocol to find out how to get involved. https://t.co/nvJQGxOdsZ

Hello @ETHDenver 👋

If you want a first hand experience to the future of programmable finance, come by the Dharma booth and try out the brand new Dharma Lever (https://t.co/Gs3UyxsHRk) for yourself!

Our team will be giving out swag to those who provide the best feedback!

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