EdenChain ICO Bewertung & Einschätzung

EdenChain ICO Bewertung mit ausführlichen Informationen zu dem ICO Zeitraum, dem ICO Preis, akzeptierten Währungen, Soft & Hard Cap, EDN Whitepaper, EdenChain Team und mehr.

Einzelheiten zum ICO

ICO NameEdenChain
ICO Zeit

EdenChain is a blockchain platform technology that can capitalize and trade all types of assets with the programmable Economy Platform technology. By using the blockchain Smart Contract, you can capitalize all tangible and intangible asset value into a Token (Tokenization). We use smart contracts to integrate real and virtual economies, creating a new and enormous economic system and programmable economy.

CEO, Founder
Co-Founder, Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer

EdenChain Weekly Eden Diary Update !!

👉[Eden Diary] About the cryptocurrency wallet by Brian Park

Brian from Eden tech team introduces the different types of wallets in the cryptocurrency market and the definition of its basic function.

Read More: https://t.co/PNwxjSWSbJ

👉[Eden Diary] QA by Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu from Eden tech team explains Quality Assurance (QA):


[Eden Diary] About EdenChain Beta Release by Jacki Heo

In today's Eden Diary, EdenChain CTO, Jacki Heo, explains everything you need to know about the recent Beta Release of the Mainnet. Go to the link below to read:


📣 Announcement: Beta Release

Today we are excited to roll out Beta Release, the very first Mainnet Release Plan, delivering EdenChain Technical Document, SDK & SDK Document, and SDK sample codes.


EdenChain Weekly Eden Diary Update !!

👉[Eden Diary] What is game by Jessica Park

Jessica Park from BD team shares what she has found the most interesting to learn about games.


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Preis1 EDN = 0.06 USD Verkauf400,000,000 ZahlungsartETH
Minimum100,000 USD Verteilung40% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A