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Gems, a decentralized, open-sourced, human task crowdsourcing protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Using the Gems Protocol, anyone can tap into the power of scalable micro task workers without needing to worry about task verification, trust, or payments. Gems is designed to disincentivize malicious actors and reward fair players. The Gems Protocol is comprised of a staking mechanism to ensure task completion, a trust mechanism to track worker integrity, and a payment system to reduce transaction fees. The GEM token, a multi-utility token, fuels the Gems Protocol.
Gems uses its token mechanism to enforce the behavior of all participants, instead of being regulated by a single operator. We further introduce the first application using the Gems Protocol, aptly named the Gems Platform. The Gems Platform connects those who want work done (henceforth known as “requesters”) and human workers (henceforth known as “miners”). By using the Gems Protocol, the Gems Platform removes socioeconomic barriers that exist in centralized alternatives (e.g. large fees, market inefficiencies, need for bank accountants, etc.). Anyone can build on top of the Gems Platform, creating “modules” that are interfaces for particular human tasks. The first module the Gems team will build focuses on labeling data for AI.

Co-Founder Twitter Co-Founder Medium
Pantera Capital Co-Founder Augur
Co-Founder reCAPTCHA Facebook

We're proud to announce our latest Task on! In this latest Task you'll be classifying segments from select video clips. This Gems Task pays 175 Tokens (roughly the equivalent of 19 cents). Enjoy, and happy tasking!

Gems is excited to announce its 4th task is live on ! On this Gems task you’ll be asked to identify logos in pictures. The payment is again 38 tokens (roughly 8.5 cents). If you have a high enough success rate, you'll be able to verify other Gems workers!

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