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Hirefreehands ICO Bewertung mit ausführlichen Informationen zu dem ICO Zeitraum, dem ICO Preis, akzeptierten Währungen, Soft & Hard Cap, HFT Whitepaper, Hirefreehands Team und mehr.

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LandHong Kong
ICO Zeit
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Automated Price Regulation
We have built a platform that eliminates bidding or negotiations. A fair price is dynamically set per job using our proprietary price regulation algorithm.

Freelancer Verification
All freelancers who wish to work on the platform, go through a decentralized skill verification process through an unbiased Jury system made up of qualified, expert freelancers.

Seamless Fund Withdrawals
Freelancers are paid in HFT and can withdraw funds from their Hirefreehands wallet seamlessly to convert on cryptocurrency exchanges or spend on other services within the platform.

Quality Oriented Job Management Workstream
We have designed an intelligent Project management system that ensures freelancers deliver quality work. It simplifies communication between freelancers and clients and this helps reduce disputes.

Smart Contract Payments & Remittances
Escrow fees are eliminated on the platform as the smart contracts signed for every transaction handles the settlement of tokens to the freelancer after each successful job.

Unbiased Dispute Resolution
A decentralized random Jury system comprised of qualified users oversees dispute resolution between users, to ensure fairness and eliminate biased judgements driven by a central authority.


The concept of working from anywhere in the world is the future of work, and technology will go a long way in bringing the world closer.

We highlighted some traits every company needs to imbibe to ensure success building and managing their remote workforce.


Remote working comes with advantages like shorter commute and more flexibility that helps workers feel less stressed about their work.

#RemoteWork #TechTalent #Hirefreehands

The future of work is centered around the adoption of technology in our workspaces and the diversity in hiring talent.⁣

The transition can be daunting yet sermountable if properly planned out. What changes do you think will be most radical or most challenging? ⁣

Focusing solely on technical skills when hiring has proven not to offer the best performance results.

With our soft skill and behavioural assessment framework, we match teams and projects needs with hard and soft skilled tech talent ready to work remotely.


Remote work has emerged as a popular and more favourable option to how people work.

Here are traits of a successful remote team.https://t.co/kNnOgVgbNx

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Preis1 HFT = 0.05 USD Verkauf249,500,000 ZahlungsartUSD, BTC, ETH
MindestanlageN/A Verteilung50% AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD harter Cap10,000,000 USD