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Energy is the key to improving quality of life, yet approximately 1.2 billion people across the globe lack access to clean, reliable electricity. Distributed, renewable energy solutions empower underserved and impoverished communities—both literally and figuratively—while they reduce the use of fossil fuels and mitigate the effects of climate change. Many economists agree that in the coming years great wealth creation will emerge from these 1.2 billion people who will ascend to middle class status. But ImpactPPA believes that this can only happen if they are given access to energy.

Chief Executive Officer

This is awesome! Way to go Costa Rica:

Still a long way to go, but this is great news! Access to energy goes beyond just turning lights on, it is the foundation for social justice and economic growth. Let's continue to work to give the remaining ~1b people the energy they need to flourish! $MPQ #SDG7 #RenewableEnergy


Fantastic news! According to new data from World Energy Outlook 2018, for the first time ever, the total number of people without access fell below 1 billion.

But the world still remains off-track in its efforts to achieve #SDG7. We need to work together to make this happen!

Great article from @pvmagazine showing how renewables and electric-based technologies that are the two key factors driving the global energy transition.

Join @ImpactPPA while we do our part to increase renewable energy adoption around the world! $MPQ

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