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IoTeX ICO Bewertung mit ausführlichen Informationen zu dem ICO Zeitraum, dem ICO Preis, akzeptierten Währungen, Soft & Hard Cap, IOTX Whitepaper, IoTeX Team und mehr.

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TeX is the next generation of the IoT-oriented blockchain platform with vast scalability, privacy, isolatability, and developability for incubating new IoT applications and ecosystems. Connecting the physical world, block by block.

IoT has rapidly evolved over the years, but lacks real “killer applications”. McKinsey predicted that IoT could generate up to $11.1 trillion per year in economic value by 2025. Despite the potential of IoT, there are roadblocks ahead: lack of scalability, privacy concerns, and lack of functional values. IoTeX solves these problems by introducing a blockchain-in-blockchain architecture with token economy. By combining token incentives with community efforts, we believe we can crowdsource industry and community talents to address these technical challenges in IoT development.

At the highest level, we have four main innovations: 1. Blockchain-in-blockchain architecture which ensures privacy and prevents IoT information leakage; 2. Built-in privacy based on lightweight cryptography; 3. Real-time consensus with instant finality, which improves the throughput of the network, and reduces transactional cost, and boosts efficient cross-blockchain communication; 4. Subchain-as-a-service (SAAS) to facilitate fast prototyping and production of new IoT applications and ecosystems.

Head of Cryptography

Native $IOTX is coming to Upbit! 🇰🇷🌎

Thanks to @upbitglobal for supporting the IoTeX Mainnet upgrade -- we're excited to bring $IOTX to new global investors via this top-tier exchange!

➡️Official Upbit Announcement:

IoTeX Foundation has burned 2.65% of total $IOTX supply from Foundation Funds to ensure a smooth Mainnet GA migration for IoTeX stakeholders.

As of now, the max total supply of IOTX is reduced from 10 billion IOTX to 9,734,304,444 IOTX.

Full details 👇🏼

IoTeX joins The Blockchain Show podcast 🎙️

@Raullen & @larrypang discuss the smart device landscape, ethics of IoT, and how blockchain fits into the bigger picture. Great insights from the IoTeX team!

➡️ Watch now on YouTube:

@Blockchain_Show $IOTX

IoTeX Presents Pantheon to Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) 🌎

Last week, 300+ tech leaders joined the IIC Q2 Meeting, where IoTeX delivered a special presentation of our Pantheon consortium blockchain.

Learn more and watch the full presentation 👇🏼

Linux Foundation's Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) recently📝signed up new members such as #Facebook and #blockchain firms #IoTeX and #R3. They now join🤝 #Google and other tech giants in developing Trusted Execution Environment (#TEE) technology.

#Tokenncoin #CryptoNews

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Preis1 IOTX = 0.0000125 ETH Verkauf2,400,000,000 ZahlungsartETH
MindestanlageN/A Verteilung24% AngehobenN/A
Soft CapN/A harter CapN/A