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ICO Zeit

We introduce the keep, a new privacy primitive for developing smart contracts on public blockchains, enabling secure storage and usage of secrets, as well as supporting infrastructure, including the keep market and token.

Project Lead
Developer & Ops

Drinks in Quarantine with Bitcoin Magazine is live! Special Guests: @eprefon, @JWilliamsFstmed, @zackvoell, @edstromandrew, @cryptowords, @mhluongo, @BlockBytch_, @jchervinsky, & @haileylennonbtc

4/ Excited to have badass speakers: @alegw via @makeopenmoney, @MichaelDunwort1 via @sendwyre, @_prestwich via @summa_one, @CReckhow via @thesis_co, @keep_project, @satofishi via @f2pool_official @stakedotfish, @muneeb via @blockstack, @localbitcoins


1 / Am 100% aware that today is probably NOT the best time to promote stuff, but what the hell. Good news should be shared✌️🧙‍♂️. We all kind of need it.

TL;DR - Our virtual summit has EVOLVED!
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