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ICO NameKeep
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We introduce the keep, a new privacy primitive for developing smart contracts on public blockchains, enabling secure storage and usage of secrets, as well as supporting infrastructure, including the keep market and token.

Project Lead
Developer & Ops

Another big change on the @keep_project team- @lightfiend and @piotrdyraga are both leveling up. Thank you for everything you guys do. Onward!

Earlier, @recmo told me he would write his EIP on reducing CALLDATA cost next week.

This EIP might be one of the simplest yet most impactful EIP for Ethereum 1.0 when it comes to scalability, drastically reducing (2-10x) the cost for ZK and fraud proof verification.

Stay tuned!

Too many people in crypto are trying to build the one ring to rule them all instead of melting it.

An onsite, filtered air, welcoming @NicholasEvans14 and more... Check out all these things and our cool group photo in our latest January Roundup:

#blockchain #privacy #atlanta #remote

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