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We introduce the keep, a new privacy primitive for developing smart contracts on public blockchains, enabling secure storage and usage of secrets, as well as supporting infrastructure, including the keep market and token.

Project Lead
Developer & Ops

@zooko @renprotocol @DefiantNews @0x_Lucas @CamiRusso I mean regarding the custody mechanism used to maintain the two-way peg. Trusted custodians (eg WBTC) have counter-party risk. Custodians could guarantee the BTC with staked ETH, minimizing trust (see tBTC). But doing so requires that an equivalent value of ETH be locked up.

“DeFi’s increasing complexity is beginning to expose the inadequacies of cold storage custody and manual human operation” - @diogomonica

We agree, and are excited to have @Anchorage supporting $KEEP bridging #BTC and #ETH.

I had a really enjoyable time learning about and setting up nodes for Keep Network over the weekend, so I wrote about it. Very high level, but wanted to document nonetheless. Also exp w/ Medium.

Excited to see how the project fares
$KEEP @keep_project

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