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Einzelheiten zum ICO

ICO Zeit

LivingOffset is a global marketplace solution that enables people to offset all of the small actions that contribute to their carbon footprint. Harnessing the power of collaboration, the LivingOffset community will to help solve the global issue of temperature increases. This is a movement for change; one that, literally, puts the power in the hands of the people who want to make a difference.

Chief Process Officer

Thousands of students across Ireland and Europe went on strike last Friday to protest against government inaction against climate change. Here's one student's take on it.

Well done Boundelles Fresh Americas for further reducing their carbon footprint. With #LivingOffset more companies will be able to follow suit and help their employees & customers do the same too.

Experts predict five-year global heatwave and more weather disasters. Surely now it’s time for us to all work together and fight this. #LivingOffset #ClimateAction

Great news from our Nordic friends, whose governments have committed to accelerating their climate action. they also committed to encouraging climate-conscious consumer choices, that's where #LivingOffset will help.

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Preis1 LOFF = 0.20 EUR VerkaufN/A ZahlungsartFIAT, ETH, BCH, BTC
Mindestanlage300 EUR Verteilung65% AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap1 500 000 USD harter Cap20 000 000 USD