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A hybrid proof of work / proof of service system offers a unique way to financially incentivise the operation of full nodes. Loki leverages these incentivised nodes to create a secondary network of privacy focused services. Access to these services is limited by cryptographic keys, which represent a commitment to a precomputed proof of work. These keys can be mined or purchased using Loki, the underlying currency. Loki is built from a modified version of the Monero source code, giving all transactions a high degree of privacy.

Project Lead
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Satoshi Nakamoto is Australia's $loki Also from Australia! Australia is a temple of cryptocurrency! @Loki_Project @ProfFaustus

@Loki_Project sharing a great moment & explaining a bit more about their #Privacy protocol
Everyone always says find your passion & you will make a success out of that. This certainly looks just like that #Blockchain #crypto #InternetOfThings

Miss the #Lokinet Alpha demo last month? Don’t stress, we filmed it! Watch here as @SimonAHarman & @JimsHodling present at @BlockchainRMIT :
#LokiNetwork @flexdapps

Great paper on the Bridge distribution problem from @isislovecruft and @hdevalence , This kind of F2F (Friend to friend) incentivized trust network is something we're looking into with Lokinet to prevent IP level blocking https://t.co/FUutzEzYOn

@Loki_Project Inching closer team! The world needs Lokinet and uncensorable internet

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