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The current problem plaguing participants in the freelance economy is an inherent lack of trust. Employers lack a single source of reliable and consistent history for potential hires. Freelancers are at the mercy of individually centralized job marketplaces and are powerless to control their personal data and retain their full earnings. Moonlighting is focused on eliminating the risks associated with online hiring, empowering the democratization and portability of worker data, and reducing the cost of doing business in the gig economy.

Director of Alteryx, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley
Former VP for Strategic Initiatives for McClatchy, Chairman of LMC
VP of Corporate Development, Gannett

New to managing freelancers? These #tips can be helpful to all companies that are planning to hire #gigworkers, #remoteworkers, and #freelancers in the future →

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Tax time is here (again)! But there is no reason tax prep should be difficult or expensive—even for the #selfemployed. We partnered with @HRBlock to help you get better tax prep with no hidden fees PLUS 25% off! Learn more at

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Love how @Moonlighting has created a virtuous cycle of its own. The platform was openly designed to ask and answer the question: “What if @Uber’s model could apply to anything?” Great #UserExperience, @JeffTennery! via @forbes #freelancing #freelancejobs

Check out these resources that can help give you the best chance at surviving—or maybe even thriving—during a national crisis →

Tips from @YahooSmBusiness #coronavirus #COVID19 #SmallBusiness #SmallBiz #success

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, we also celebrate the self-reliant, can-do attitude that built this country and our Moonlighting community. Happy #IndependenceDay!

#independenceday2020 #FourthofJuly #independentworkers #moonlighting

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PreisN/A VerkaufN/A ZahlungsartBTC, ETH, Fiat
Mindestanlage100,000 USD VerteilungN/A AngehobenN/A
Soft CapN/A harter Cap25,000,000 USD