Orocrypt ICO Bewertung & Einschätzung

Orocrypt ICO Bewertung mit ausführlichen Informationen zu dem ICO Zeitraum, dem ICO Preis, akzeptierten Währungen, Soft & Hard Cap, OCG Whitepaper, Orocrypt Team und mehr.

Einzelheiten zum ICO

AnfangsdatumJuni 14, 2017
EndterminJuli 13, 2017
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After the sale of Orocrypt Inc. Share Tokens (OROC), the company will issue tokens representing the ownership of 30 grams of LBMA-quality gold in the final quarter of 2017. These tokens will provisionally be referred to as Orocrypt Gold Tokens (ORO.G). They will be registered on the Ethereum blockchain and owners will be able to store them in Ethereum wallets. Like any other ERC-20 token, they will be transferable and thus tradeable on open markets. Additionally, holders can convert them into physical gold through a very simple and transparent redemption procedure.

https://t.co/TukrT6cb49 Convert a portion of your assets to gold. If there is a crisis, you will not have time to act. Consider keeping a portion of it in gold-backed tokens, such as Orocrypt's OCG

The conference featured serious natural science, contrary to the self-interested political science you hear from government financed global warming alarmists seeking to justify widely expanded regulatory and taxation powers for government bodies https://t.co/f60SwDsUHG

We will never BS you. We have never BS you. We have always told you that when gold trades above 1400/toz it would have broken the sideways trend from 2013. We do not know when it will happen. We only know that it will

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PreisN/A VerkaufN/A ZahlungsartETH
Mindestanlage0.1 OCG VerteilungN/A AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap1 200 000 EUR harter Cap2000 ETH