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Trive is a social science consensus engine that researches and clarifies facts through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom. We incent people to do primary research into news stories, compensate them with our own coin, Trive Coin, and hash/stash the results on the Block-Chain.

As quoted from the article: "But how these new credibility systems work is highly opaque. 'Not knowing how [Facebook is] judging us is what makes us uncomfortable,' said Claire Wardle, director of First Draft, research lab within Harvard Kennedy School

2) that focuses on the impact of misinformation and is a fact-checking partner of Facebook, of the efforts to assess people’s credibility. 'But the irony is that they can’t tell us how they are judging us - because if they do the algorithms that they built will be gamed.'

3) This all sounds ominously like the Orwellian China 'social credit' system, which in addition to blocking the flights and trains,..."

4) Note to Claire Wardle and the big brains at Harvard/First Draft,,, if your fact-checker needs and ethics policy, it needs a redesign. Trive is happy to partner and implement at Kennedy,,, if you like?

5) Praise be! It promises ethics! All the Kingdom is safe now!!!
Has anyone at Hahvahd heard of Asch, Milgram, or Zimbardo? If a group dynamic is in play below the cognitive, an ethics policy will not protect Wardle's well named “First Draft” model.

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