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The UniBit Project seeks to solve various problems within the crypto space by creating ambiguous and scalable solutions. Users will be able to perform atomic transactions across multiple chains instantly with any protocol the UniBit network supports. Developers or organizations can deploy private or public blockchains on UniBit, allowing for dynamic permissions with assets, transactions, streams and blocks; and a plethora of other features, such as metadata encoding, mining privileges, and admin-consensus restraint parameters. These blockchains can be as open or as closed as needed. Only a few simple steps to create a blockchain, which can connect to an existing chain; and an unlimited amount of blockchains can be created per server for cross-chain applications. Millions of assets can be issued per blockchain that can perform safely both multi-asset and multi-party transactions.

Founder, Technical Development
Founder, Creative & Concept Development
Founder, Concept Development

We are ready to hack #SXSW

Follow us for live updates of our participation at the #SXSW2019 #hackathon
March 12th - March 13th

#blockchain #DLT #hacks

Inspiration and Innovation - our aspiration is building the next generation of #blockchain #technology
Join our discord and participate in #Unibit's #development and #growth


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Pre-Announcement for Unibit, The Universal Bit Project - https://t.co/wUbqUTd7pi - #blockchain #multichain #unibit #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

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