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ICO NameUniversal Recognition Token
ICO StartApril 15, 2018
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American corporations spend over $46 billion each year on employee gifts to be awarded via employee recognition programs that acknowledge outstanding employee achievement. Typically, these gifts come in the form of gift cards or merchandise. Although some employees receive gifts they want and appreciate, a not insignificant amount of the time these gifts are seen as unwanted or undesirable by employees.

Consequently, many gifts are discarded altogether by employees. We propose to monetize the market of unwanted corporate gifts by matching those gifts with individuals wishing to purchase them using blockchaintechnology such as smart contracts. Employees will be able to liquidate their unwanted gifts for cash or marketplace points (at the employer’s option) and do in an immutable and traceable way; value realized by gifts in this manner can be spent on alternate gifts or saved toward a future gift of greater value (employee’s option).

Chief Architect

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Hey everyone! If you're new here make sure you check out our website where you can find all the info you need, including our whitepaper! Thanks for being here with us! #URT #blockchaintechnology #HRTech



"Knowing and understanding employees is essential for organizations today than before, because employees are the crucial bearers of knowledge, technology, and service, and represent the core component of enterprise management." #HRTech


"Blockchain technology is beginning to move past cryptocurrencies into companies and now governments. Countries around the world are trialing the emerging technology in areas from recording votes in elections to storing the records of citizens."



"With the world expected to be recreated in the wake of the blockchain, the time is opportune for you to prepare yourself for the imminent metamorphosis – by empowering yourself with the relevant knowledge and skills-set."


#URT #blockchaintechnology

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Preis1 URT = 0.12 USD Verkauf437,500,000 ZahlungsartETH, BTC, Fiat
MinimumN/A Verteilung50% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap3,000,000 USD Hard Cap35,000,000 USD