Vena Network ICO Bewertung & Einschätzung

Vena Network ICO Bewertung mit ausführlichen Informationen zu dem ICO Zeitraum, dem ICO Preis, akzeptierten Währungen, Soft & Hard Cap, Vena Whitepaper, Vena Network Team und mehr.

Einzelheiten zum ICO

ICO-NameVena Network
AnfangsdatumNovember 05, 2018
EndterminNovember 15, 2018
vor 6 Monaten
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Vena Network aims to create a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network through Vena Protocol. The Vena Protocol is divided into two layers: 1) Basic protocol layer, which mainly includes registration, configuration, routing, and management of upper layer financial businesses. 2) The asset protocol layer, based on assets, completes user-defined financial businesses through the implementation of the terms contract interfaces. For example, terms of pledge and repayment can be written into terms contract to make collateral loan; inheriting of ERC721 standard realizes value-added pledge for asset portfolio; establishing individual credit contract model and injecting on-chain and off-chain data to achieve open and transparent credit. In Vena Ecosystem, a closed-loop circulation from tokenized asset issuance to P2P lending or transactions is realized through blockchain. That is, after the digital assets issuance, directly P2P transactions through the Vena Protocol is available, or after digital assets are pledged, right of pledge is transferable and circulation of collaterals (only supporting Stable Coins) is available. All operations are controlled by smart contract codes and are free from human intervention to guard against fraud. Users joining Vena Network can benefit from the development of the cryptocurrency market, realize asset financing and exchange in a cost-effective, safe and efficient manner, while also can mitigate the risks associated with factors such as cryptocurrency price fluctuations and dishonest financial intermediaries.

🥳مسابقة شهر رمضان🌙🕌
المدة: 5/10-2019/5/20
إنضم الى قروب تليجرام للمشاركة بالمسابقة

مسابقة 1: أعد النشر مع كتابة تهنئة
مسابقة 2: تصوير صورة تحتوي على نمط معين من عاداتنا بشهر رمضان مع شرط إضافة شعار ترون عند التصوير
#رمضان #كـريـم

التفاصيل في الصورة👇

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Preis1 ETH = 10,000 Vena VerkaufN/A ZahlungsartN/A
MindestanlageN/A Verteilung30% AngehobenN/A
Soft CapN/A harter CapN/A